Century Rods


Century Rods need no introduction as an expert in the fishing rod industry. Established for over 30 years, their range of blanks covers all bases. We can custom built any of the Century models to your exact requirements.


Century’s flagship range. Built on blanks using cutting edge technology and production methods. Incredible power to weight ratio. Available in four models, from  2.75lb to 3.5lb.

12ft 2.75lb from £460

12ft 3.25lb from £465

12ft 3.5lb from £470

13ft 3.5lb from £490


Parallel butt, big casting rods.  Designed by Danny Moeskops – the rod for ultimate casting performance. FMA ( Force = Mass x Acceleration) delivers the perfect combination of distance and playability. AT-T (Anti Twist Technology) Low density 1k-1k carbon fused in the autoclave. Three models available, rated by casting weight rather than test curve.

12ft 3-4oz from £380

12ft 3-5oz from £390

13ft 3-5oz from £400



Special Performance. A great distance rods with traditional spigoted joint. Updated to incorporate the latest materials, reduce diameter and increase performance. Three models available. The SU model has a smoother action, ideal for big casting without shockleaders.

12ft 3lb SU from £360

12ft 3.5lb from £370

13ft 3.5lb from £380



The ADV 1 (Advanced One) is fantastic multi range rod. Happy casting leads and bags, it’s a versatile tool. Ideal for all fishing situations apart from extreme range. Its semi fast action makes it accurate and great for playing fish.

12ft 3.25lb from £320

12ft 3.5lb from £325

13ft 3.5lb from £340



One of Centurys classics, the NG is still a firm favourite. The blanks have been updated with modern materials and have been given a fantastic non scratch finish. Great for medium range use.

12ft 2.75lb from £320

12ft 3.25lb from £325

12ft 3.5lb from £330

13ft 3.5lb from £350



The FatBoy Slim is the players rod in Centurys range, with a glorious parabolic curve.  Its has one of the lowest diameters of any carp rod we offer. Great for up to 100 yards casting, and its playing action lends itself well to heavy duty boat work.  Very popular in Europe.

12ft 2.75lb from £325

12ft 3.5lb from £330

13ft 3.5lb from £360


 We also offer all of Century Application rods, built to order. These can be tailored to match your main fishing rods.

SM Spodding Machine – from £225

MFF Marker Feature Finder – from £225

T1 Stalker 6ft 1 piece – from £190

S1 Stalker – 10ft 2 piece – from £199



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