The R1 range


The result of intensive testing and development, these rods are light in weight, have a fast, crisp action, incredible recovery rates and a soft tip for excellent fish playing properties.

All R1 range rods are finished with a non scratch, matt finish.

Available in the following models:

12’6 3.75lb – R1 Extreme

12′ 3.5lb  – R1 FT

12′ 3.6oz  SPECTRA

12′ 3.25lb – R1

12′ 3lb – R1 Light

10ft 2.75lb/ 3.25lb – R1 Stalker

R1 Spectra – from £279 

The freshest model in our R1 range, the Spectra mixes the best features from our standard R1 and the R1FT models, creating a rod that is light, progressive and perfect for UK big carp fishing.

We have spent a long time perfecting the Spectra, ensuring it ticks all the boxes required and outclasses every other rod at an equivalent price point.

This is our flagship rod in terms of specification. Fully woven with 1k carbon cloth right to the tip, a multi layer material core for optimum action, the Spectra boasts all the trimmings in terms of performance and looks.

Casts best with a 3.5oz lead, although will cast both larger and smaller leads with accuracy.

Ever so slightly smoother in action than our FT model, with a firm tip and progressive action, the Spectra is a perfect choice for a ‘take anywhere’ rod, it will do it all.

R1 Extreme – from £299

The R1 Extreme (12’6 3.75lb), is designed purely for the long range angler looking for high performance and ease of use.

The soft tip enables easy compression and accuracy, the firm butt and mid section offer control in the cast and battle.

The R1 Extreme uses a complex mix of materials, incorporating a 3k woven finish on the butt and a 1k/UD mix in the tip section.

Happy with leads and bags, optimum lead size 4oz.

R1FT – from £279

The R1-FT (12ft, 3.5lb) .

Based on the original R1, it has a stiffer butt and mid section to enable longer casting and superior accuracy at range.

It is at home casting bags and leads over 130 yards or fishing close. In testing these rods have consistently cast in excess of 160 yards with a baited rig or small solid bag.

Finished with a 1k non scratch outer wrap on the butt and mid sections, the R1FTs are all built to order.

Fully built here in the UK, it is a showcase of high quality UK rod design.

R1 – from £269

The R1 (12ft 3.25lb) is designed to enable easy and accurate casting with straight leads and small pva sticks.

The R1 is an effortless caster, with buckets of power, combined with a soft tip that enables unrivalled recovery speed, usability and enjoyment.

The R1 has undergone rigourous testing and a lot of effort has been put in to make these about as perfect as an all round rod can be.

The R1 Light – from £259

The R1 was such an amazing blank, we just had to make a lightened version to create the ultimate smaller water rod.

Here at Cotswold we believe that rods should be enjoyable to use, and this rod provides angling enjoyment by the bucket load.

We tested the R1 blanks in lighter, refined guises, made a few tweaks to them, and now have what we believe to be the ultimate in a smaller water rod.

At 12ft and 3lb test curve, the R1 Light shares many of the same characteristics of its beefier siblings. Amazing recovery speeds, soft tip and super light in weight.  

Some things are missing though, so if you want a rod to cast to the moon with, this isn’t the rod for you, but if you want a smile lasting a week when you play a fish, this is your perfect tool!

When put in an arc this rod bends down into butt, where there is a large reserve of power to tame even the largest fish at close range.

Very popular in mainland Europe.

R1 10ft 2.75lb and 3.25lb – from £245

The R1 Stalker is 10ft and available in  2.75lb and 3.25lb tc. Designed for close to medium range fishing, it has a firm butt and progressive tip for ultimate control. A great single stalking rod, or part od a smaller water setup.

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