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Babylon Discovery Rods


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Product Description

Babylon Discovery Carp Rods – new to the UK!

Long range  – fast action – quick recovery.

Premium quality blanks, made from UHM (Ultra High Modulus) materials for ultra high performance.

The Discovery range are powerful blanks, purposely designed for casting long distance.

The Discovery blanks feature a mix of 3k and 1k woven material, with a 3k finish on the butt section and 1k on the tip.

Additional Information

Babylon Discovery

12’6 3.5lb, 12’6 3.75lb, 12ft 3.25lb, 12ft 3.5lb, 12ft 3.75lb, 13ft 3.25lb, 13ft 3.5lb, 13ft 3.75lb

Handle and ring size

Abbreviated shrink – 40mm, Abbreviated shrink – 50mm, Full cork – 40mm, Full cork – 50mm, Full duplon – 40mm, Full duplon – 50mm, Full shrink – 40mm, Full shrink – 50mm