The ‘Elite’ range

Our Elite range is exactly that, a small selection of high power blanks, hand picked by our team.

Models available –

10ft 3.5lb

10ft 5lb

11ft 3.25lb

11ft 5lb


These blanks are made from a mix of superlight fibres, combined to give a fast action.

This enables great accuracy and ease of loading, whilst providing plenty of low down power.


The 10ft model makes a great, all purpose carp rod that will cast 4oz leads with ease, but also makes a great boat rod for carp and pike.

The 11ft model is slightly more mellow, the extra length adding to the spread of power.

They are available in our standard build styles which you can order online here –

If you would prefer a custom build, we can craft any style you require for a small surcharge.

Custom Rod Builders