American Tackle Power Wrapper and Dryer


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Power rod wrappers are important tools for anyone building a custom fishing rod. We use these in our own workshops.

The power wrapper is used to keep the rod spinning at a consistent rate so you can focus on making sure your thread wraps – with perfect tension – are making that seamless transition from the rod blank on up to the rod guide itself.

The power dryer is used to keep your rod rotating while epoxies and rod finishes cure and help create an even finish, eliminating undesired end results like sagging and drooping areas around the rod guides.

Professionally Used – Beginner Approved

This Power Wrapper was built for professional rod builders, but can bring professional results for the home builder.

You can use it for:

Turning cork & EVA grips

Sanding cork handles evenly

Power wrapping your rod guides

Applying & finishing epoxy on rod guides.

The Power Wrapper provides all the functionality you will need!

3 Jaw self-centering chuck

Handles blanks from 1 1/2 inches diameter to fly blanks

Low 11 RPM Finishing motor

Multi-spool thread carriage with tensioner

Ceramic line guide blade

3 fully adjustable rod stands with ball bearing wheels

Foot and dial-controlled wrapping motor for wrapping rods and turning handles

45 degree indications on flywheel for diamond wraps

2-piece sectional 8′ anodized aluminum base

Power Wrapper Dryer Thread Holder 

The Power Wrapper from American Tackle comes with a Multi-spool thread carriage with built-in tensioner for perfect guide wraps.


UK plug – 220v motor.